The following recommendations should be observed when using refrigeration units.

In a very cold climate:
• Units which operate in a very cold climate require high quality oil corresponding to the manufacturer's specifications, a diesel fuel heater and low temperature-resistant coolant.
• For temperature control, units should not be allowed to shut down automatically with the diesel engine.
• Electric heating is recommended when transporting goods requiring positive temperatures (> 0°C).

In a hot climate:
• Units which operate in a very hot climate require high-quality oil corresponding to the manufacturer's specifications.
• Units equipped with Start-Stop mechanisms should not be allowed to stop during temperature control use with frozen products on-board.
• The vehicle should always be parked in the shade.

When loading:
• Do not obstruct the evaporator with the loaded goods.
• Make sure that air circulation is not impeded (for example, when loading film-covered pallets, make sure that the air can flow back unobstructed under the pallets).

When transporting fresh products:
• It is advised to equip the unit with an air-blower thermostat sensor, if supported by the unit's control system, in order to avoid top freezing of the goods during transport.
• Defrost manually 30 minutes after loading.

When transporting frozen products:
• When operating in high ambient temperatures, do not use the thermostat-controlled automatic shutdown system.
• If the hygrometry ratio is high, initiate a manual defrost 30 minutes after loading.
• Do not use the unit's air-blower thermostat sensor, if one is installed.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors to avoid excessive frosting of the evaporator.

When transporting ice cream:
• In high outside temperatures, never use the unit's automatic stop-start system if one is installed.
• Use protective curtains if the doors are to be opened frequently.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors.
• With small-bodied vehicles (< 22m3), choose an electric system in preference to a direct drive mechanism.

For urban deliveries:
• Use protective curtains.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors.
• Before loading, pre-refrigerate the vehicle body to a temperature at least as low as that of the goods to be transported.

For long journeys:
• Check oil and coolant levels daily.
• Check that the unit is operating correctly.
• In the event of a problem arising, contact the nearest service center, or call our 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service as soon as possible.

• Take regular care of your unit as advised by CARRIER in order to avoid any

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